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Welcome to Dynamic Marine Boatworks the premier personal luxury yacht builder of unusual, beautiful, and thoughtfully created vessels.

We offer beautifully designed, unusually-built, and superbly outfitted pleasure craft from 76' to 112' lengths with beam widths starting at 21 feet.

Our designs have their origins in over fifteen years of extensive research and planning.

Designed and built entirely in America with American talent, ingenuity, components, and skill, they represent an outstanding addition to one's choice of a yacht!

The 76' DE™ model shown below (as well as our other designs to be presented) exhibits design characteristics and attributes not previously employed in any luxury yacht built to date.

Dynamic 76' DE™ Raised Pilot House Diesel Electric Motor Yacht™

The entire vessel has very few internal square corners. We use highly radiuused detail throughout the vessel to prevent disturbing and annoying internal harmonics from developing and increasing to second and third harmonics which create an annoying and disturbing environment. Our noise cancellation technology is in the design, and is not then attempted to be corrected after the fact. This designed-in technology also adds tremendous strength and rigidity to the vessel.

This feature represents only a small part of the unique nature of our vessels.

Mr. George Petrie of Power & Motoryacht magazine said: Dynamic Marine Boatworks is "offering what is arguably the most innovative layout in its class".

There is a very good reason for his comments. See Power & Motoryacht Review

The details of these exceptional Dynamic Marine Boatworks luxury yachts have to be studied! Great thought has been given to proper use of space as well as to very refined and funtional accommodations. Notice how our galley is on the main deck and how it is designed to be fully open for everyone's enjoyment. See Interior Views

Since the period these vessels were conceived, designed, and presented to the public the program has undergone extensive continued development and is partially outlined as follows.

Unquestionably our yachts are extremely innovative and unusual. They represent exactly what buyers and yacht owners want and demand, and they are a dramatic departure from conventional yacht designs in innumerable ways!


Gone are conventional engine placements, gone are conventional transmissions and related cables, lines, and controls, gone are conventional drive shafts, gone are conventional large propellers, gone are fixed place rudders, and gone are the necessary drive shafts and their bearings, their mounts, and all the related mechanical equipment that wears and causes maintenance as well as other known nagging and expensive repair problems!

We are using a diesel-electric propulsion system with pod drives, and, as such these vessels will be referred to as our DE™ series.

We are powering our innovative boats in a manner similar to that as used by the railroads in their locomotives. The engines have generators producing AC current, and that AC current then goes directly into high torque electric induction motors connected to the "pod drives" to turn their propellers.

Power connection to the pod drives is by electrical cable and not by complicated and outdated drive systems. There are no rotating propeller shafts that vibrate, no pressure lines for steerage, no control cabling needing adjustment, no lenghty drive shafts requiring regular balance and alignment, and no extra weight from all those antiquated items!

The pod drives are self-contained geared propeller units that rotate in place around their center axes for incredible vessel steering. Rudders are no longer needed, and the boat can now be turned and manuevered as never before! We even use the generated electric current through our electronic control systems to position the pod drives for vessel steering!

This feature definitely reduces propulsion cost, greatly aids in fuel mileage efficiency upwards of 20+%, reduces the amount of required on-board fuel by 50% saving space, saving tremendous weight, and saving considerably on the fuel bill. These contemporary mods just scratch the surface of our innovation.

As a result we can place the engines any where in the vessel which frees up interior space and which also allows us to better balance the center of gravity of the vessel.

In addition, full access to the engine room and related components is from the exterior. No longer is there a requirement that service personnel pass through the main cabins! It is all done from the outside!


To provide extremely strong hulls which are light weight, extremely durable, and which resist damage we have chosen to use Kevlar™ in combination with other woven materials to construct the main portions of the vessel.

Kevlar is an extremely strong material. It is used in bullet-proof vests. So the structural integrity of that fabric is critical to our engineering concepts to ensure that we create a very durable vessel.

In addition to selective material choices, we have gone to great extremes to utilize the most modern, most advanced, and most reliable vacuum resin transfusion methods (RTM) to impregnate and to infuse our fabric-layered structures. This process ensures that our composite structures are uniformly infused with resins before curing to yield a very sturdy and well-constructed finished product.

And to take this concept even further we will be using non-petroleum based entrophy resins in our infusion processes. Our chosen resins are from plant-based materials, and we believe we are the first luxury yacht builder to use them.

Not only are we concerned about extremely advanced and valuables techniques and processes, we are extremely concerned about the environment and the effect of petroleum-based VOC's entering the atmosphere.


All contemporary navigational electronics will be provided for complete vessel control. Our diesel electric propulsion systems that greatly simplify vessel operation will be fully integrated into the electronic navigation systems.


In every respect our vessels will provide advanced structure for satellite, telephone, high speed internet, and exceptional video display with advanced surround sound systems.

While wireless internet is for many a preferred medium we will additionally wire our vessels for hard connection internet services.

Distributed audio will be available throughout the vessel and each area and cabin will have individual keypad selection capability as well as local input connectivity for iPod, computer, or for any desired source in any area.

Very high resolution and very advanced video display and projection will be offered in various formats and such systems will also provide connections for various game consoles.


In furtherance of the concepts as above outlined to eliminate unnecessary equipment and parts content, we have greatly advanced our design and engineering with our climate control systems.

We have done away with costly and energy absorbing cabin cooling systems and have replaced them with an extremely advanced cooling method not before used in this industry. Complicated tubing and related fittings, refrigerant gasses, compressors, and the like are no longer used, and the absence of these parts frees up weight, system complexity, and maintenance costs.

We are not yet disclosing the function of this advanced system but will do so in the near future, and we will demonstrate its simplicity of design and its superior functionality to existing freon-based cooling methods. This concept represents another step in our plan to offer low maintenance and extremely advanced motoryachts.


Great thought and consideration has been given to enjoyment aboard our vessels. In addition to very light and colorful interiors our vessels have been designed to yield a very open feeling but one which also gives a great feeling of comfort.

We have placed the galley as a central point of the main floor so that all persons can join in the pleasure of preparing, serving, and enjoying meals and snacks.

We have designed our staterooms to be extremely comfortable, private, and quiet. There is great living space as well as considerable storage.

Everything about our vessels is unique and commendable.


To further enhance our concept of reduced maintenance and to emphasize simplicity we have designed a single bus electrical distribution system referred to as a Marine Distributed Power system.

No longer is there an antiquated electrical grid consisting of extensive high voltage cables runing throughout the vessel. Our single source bus system approach now allows us to run low voltage (12V to 24V max) "trip lines" to every switch on the vessel. Those switches when operated will in turn effect current flow to electronic relays that are situated close to the electrical bus and close to the source requiring the power. These switches will then control the electronic relays to turn on or to turn off the circuit.

In addition to cutting down on unnecessary wiring, reducing weight, reducing maintenance, and simplifying electrical power distribution, our Distributed Power system also eliminates considerable Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) on-board the vessel which can interfere with electrical items such as cell phone reception, TV reception, and on-board navigational instruments.

This process also reduces issues associated with connector terminals such as corrosion, enhances wiring simplicity, and reduces chances of electrical shorts and related circuit and system problems.

The system has visual interfaces in the pilot house which constantly monitor the entire electrical grid on the vessel. No longer is there a guess as to what silently is occurring. The system can be fully updated by software. System changes can be effortlessly instituted.

Remote diagnostic capability is part of this tremendous 21st century creation!


The list is long of the extremely advanced concepts with which we will build these georgous vessels. We have undertaken considerable review of every system in a luxury motoryacht, have sought to revise its function or application, and then we have greatly simplified and improved upon it.

Our goal is to constantly yield the "WOW" factor and to invoke the "how did they think of that" aspect.

Those enhancements will continue to be fully detailed.

In short there is just no other vessel like the Dynamic DE™ series of vessels.

As features and options continue to be developed they will be extensively detailed herein.

Please feel free to contact us with your interest and concerns.

Power& Motoryacht Review

Interior Views

Thank you for visiting and please visit with us often.

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