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Presently We Are Searching For Experienced & Qualified Boat Building Craftsmen


We are offering an exciting, ground floor opportunity in the boatbuilding field. We are looking for very skilled, qualified, and experienced yacht craftsmen in a wide range of disciplines.

We are building extremely advanced and very high quality yachts, and we need very skilled persons to work towards our goals.

Looking for persons who enjoy their work, excell at it, and who can think beyond the task at hand. In short, we are looking for innovators, creators, and team members.

We will have group teams and every member of the team will be as material as the lead person. Remember that this is a group effort. Everyone's opinion and ideas counts. So please become a part of this approach. We believe it to be unusual and rare in this industry.

The technologies we are employing are extremely advanced and in some cases have never before been used in the marine industry. So we need those persons who can understand the need for change and for innovation that will pave the road to their longterm job security.

Tell us what you can do and also what else you might like to do to enhance your skills.

Of particular interest are persons with advanced and extensive vacuum resin infusion experience, those with advanced mold, tooling, and fixture experiences, and naturally those that have on-hand experience with all aspects of boat building.

This is a tremendous ground floor opportunity to work with an extremely innovative yacht builder in the Wilmington area of North Carolina.

Tell us your story. Tell us your skills. We want to know. Send your resume, and please include a cover letter outlining your area of specialty, your skills, your creativity, your experiences, your dislikes with prior jobs, and what you would like to have in this job.

Please be aware, however, that we definitely will not accept smokers or drug and alcohol users.

Smoking is a definite deal breaker for any possibility of working with us.

There is a great deal more to know about us, but please tell us about yourself.

This is American ingenuity and American craftsmanship at hand.

Become a valuable part of it on the ground floor. These opportunities are rare.


1) Mold and Tooling:

This is an area where creativity comes into play as well as experience. Boat building background is a key to one's demonstrable experience. Prior involvement in aerospace and related industries using composite materials is also highly valuable to us.

2) Vacuum Resin Infusion:

Another area where we are searching for experienced workers. We have a great deal of work to do with composite materials, and we need good people to take on the responsibility and prove their value to us.

3) General Mechanical Skills:

We need those with good mechanical skills. Prior construction experiences, electrical experiences, and the like. Let us know what you have for experiences we can use.

4) Veterans:

We are interested in hiring military veterans. You have good skills that can be of value to us. We want to talk with you.

We are sourcing many experienced and creative persons. So even if the above-stated areas do not directly fit into your background and prior experiences please do tell us what you can offer.

We have many other positions open, and we want good people. Let us know what you can do, and let's see how we can cooperatively use your skills.

Many times people have skills as hobbies and those can be turned into a valuable asset. We want creative people. We are offering an exciting environment, and that needs creative people to make it more exciting.

We are not your average company. We are exciting and fun, and we are offering unusual benefits few others do such as-
1)  medical reimbursement for some expenses not covered by insurance
2)  paid personal days - PTO - Paid Time Off - 2 hours per pay period
     There are just some times when folks can't do things after work hours.
     We make that time available!
3)  Retirement Accounts - We fund it but you can add to it
4)  There is much more being offered!

There are many other benefits as well. Talk to us. Tell us what you can do. We'll tell you what we can do! Let's do it together.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT hire smokers. Smoking is a deal breaker. If you smoke please do not apply for any position.

You can e-mail your cover letter and resume to:


Or You can mail your cover letter and resume to:

Dynamic Marine Boatworks

P O Box 858

Alameda, CA 94501-8858

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If you are outside the US and wish to work with us, be advised that immigration is a very difficult situation at the moment. The Government has advised that there are very few H1B work visas available!

Thus, we are aware that for foreign nationals it can be a difficult task.

Each person must, therefore, begin his own immigration efforts with the US Government, and we will try to assist.

Please consider this issue about possible employment difficulties..

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